4 office design trands

How is you office?

Many people may wonder why our office
can’t decorated like other office that’s 
because it is money or budget and identity
of each company.Most of the design therefore
emphasizes the simple styles cause easy buy
furniture and many colors.


Modern style is a popular style of designers and
customers that are simple and good looking.This
style focus color, form furniture and make wall soft
color.Making it a popular style until the present. 

Today minimal is popular style of teenagers
and gained popularity from Japan, Dressed 
style into decorative design which gives emotions
is soft, warm, simple, most unique.Is a nature
color tone using wood texture like pine wood
furniture shape will be rounded,Not use materials
have sharpness in design.

Loft style is a popular design in the cafe’
restaurant is mostly designed real material
texture not close the work surface original
color of the material.Most of ceiling will not
be concealed ceiling but show line wiring 
system has advantages in maintaining the 
system.When you build should be requires
a skilled technician to make system.This style
is so popular for office that needs coolness and
doesn’t have to pay covering material.

Tropical style focuses on bringing nature
into decorative design,Use natural materials
colors used are mostly natural tone.
Nowadays,bringing tree to decorate the 
office is very popular in time which has
a campaign about reducing global warming
using  natural materials.

And this is the style of the current office whether small or large.Trend is not considered to be same design. Designers use techniques have to identity of that company and save furniture cost because it is a popular trend,Stores have to sell products at a lower price and buy.Can be easily done without haveing to make new orders.